A little about me...

I am a Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer and portrait photographer who primarily uses natural light. My boudoir shoots take place in my boutique photo studio for a true VIP experience. I shoot portraits primarily near my home in Central Florida, but love to travel within Florida, as well as nationally and internationally.  All portrait shoots are on location, either a place of your choice or somewhere we've decided together.  My portrait style is bright and airy with a mix of posed portraits and candid images, where I let you and your family or loved ones just be yourselves (my favorite).


I have two fur babies that I love dearly, a Pomeranian named Remi and a French Bulldog named Tanq (pronounced Tank).  Some things that make me very happy are Starbucks, great home cooked food, and chocolate.  What can I say, I'm easy to please ;-)

I'm married to the most supportive husband on earth and I don't think any of my crazy dreams would have been possible without him by my side.  I love love and I absolutely adore family.  This is why I love to capture them and share them with the world!

My mission...

I adore the journey of love, the ability to capture it in its many forms, and tell its story.  The first chapter is learning to love yourself, in all your exceptional beauty.  My greatest goal is for women to love their bodies and themselves.  Often we forget that we do not need to look like everyone else, it is our own unique beauty that makes us so wonderful.  So my first step in the journey of love is my boudoir sessions, helping women cherish the skin they are in.  Love begins within yourself, “Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.”

Once we love ourselves, we can truly love another and accept their love in return.  This is when the magic happens!  With my couples and engagement photography,  I can capture the affection between two people in this special moment of their life.  The best part about this? Love continues to evolve over time and every year brings new blessings.  "A successful relationship requires falling in love many times, always with the same person."  Capturing that love between couples year after year, from your engagement through the years of your marriage, I get to help you tell your wonderful love story through photos.  An amazing journey you can revisit over and over again.

Being able to then capture that love as it grows into a beautiful family is the ultimate dream!  I am thrilled to continue your tale through maternity, newborn, and family photography.  “The love of a family is life’s greatest blessing.”  To capture what true love can create, a family, is the best chapter in any journey.  I am blessed to be able to help illustrate your book of life and of love, of which you are the author.  So I ask you - What is your story?

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