Shew!  Your hard work has paid off… you were prepared for your session and everything went smoothly.  You may have even had a bit of fun! The stressful part is over, now it’s time to sit back and count the days until your beautiful pictures are in your hands (or better yet – hanging on your walls)!


How long until I can see my photos?

– It’s not easy picking out coordinating outfits, choosing a location, and making sure everyone stays happy during the session.  Of course you want to see how your photos turned out – I don’t blame you!  Which is why I do my best to have them culled, edited and ready for viewing within three weeks of our session.

How do I get to view them?

– After our session, you and I will set up your Session Reveal.  Just as with the consultation, this is in person at my home studio.  I will have a slideshow created just for you that will show a minimum of 20 fully edited photos from your session.  I also have samples of the products I offer so that you can touch them and get a feel for how they will look in your home.  Just one more reason to have the Session Reveal in person and get that customized attention to your beautiful photos.

Will I have to decide right away?

– I know that I like to look at photos and really mull over them when I am choosing which ones to print, which ones to use in photo albums, and which ones to make into canvases for my walls.  I don’t like to be rushed and neither should you. I allow plenty of time during the Session Reveal for you to look at your photos as many times as you want before making any kind of purchase. I should note that if you do decide to order during the Session Reveal, you will receive a special discount off of the list price for certain items.  After your Session Reveal you will have two weeks to go over your photos via an online gallery.  Before the end of those two weeks, you can place an order – whether it be a collection of canvases and digital files, just the digital files themselves, or a little bit of everything, the choice is yours. Payment will need to be made when the order is placed, of course, and I accept cash, checks, credit card, or PayPal. Please note that the online gallery will be taken down after the two weeks. Once the gallery is removed I do charge a $15 fee for re-uploading your gallery for viewing for an additional two weeks.

I've placed my order, now what?

– Depending on the products ordered, your delivery will be made anywhere between one to four weeks time.

Do I need to order prints and other items from you? I really just want the digital files...

– Trust me – I understand… I’m all about the digital files.  In fact, I have thousands of them.  I like to use them to make albums, send prints to relatives, post updates on Facebook, and, of course, decorate the walls of my home.  So yes, you are more than welcome to purchase just the digital files.  I only ask that you take them to a professional photography lab when you are ready to use them.  Not all labs are the same and where you go can definitely make a difference in the quality of your final product.  I consider all the images that I give you a work of art and would hate for a bad print to ruin that art that I made specifically for you.

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