You’ve filled out your questionnaire, you’ve scheduled your session, paid your deposit, and you’ve had your consultation.  You are now officially excited and ready to go. So what happens now?  Read the Questions and Answers below to find out…



What happens if I'm late to our session?

– I know how hard it is to be on time when you have little ones and probably traffic to contend with as well.  I will do my best to arrive on time and I ask that you try to do the same.  If you know you are going to be significantly late, please text or call me to let me know  (407-439-5925) so that I can adjust our session accordingly.

When will our session begin?

– If this is the first time meeting in person, I will try to take a few minutes to meet you and let you get used to the camera being around.  This is especially important when children are being photographed – I like to focus on them and try to make sure they are comfortable.  I will often start taking photos as we are talking to get everyone used to the camera being focused on them.

How will the session go?

– I like to begin with the group shots when we are taking family photos as the beginning of the session is when we usually get the most cooperation from the children.  That said, some children need time to warm up so it’s important to be flexible.  If we are on location (a park, for example) then I like to take a few shots in one location and then go to the next – we keep moving pretty regularly so that the children don’t get bored and so that we can get different backgrounds from which to choose.

– I may ask you to do activities that you would normally do with your significant other/family/children so I can get the “action” or unscripted shots of your interactions.  With children this may include reading books to them, playing a game, playing with their toys, tickling them, etc.  The Questionnaire and consultation should help us come up with ideas that you can have ready to use during the session.

What if my child doesn't behave?

– If a child is having a difficult time focusing or is overwhelmed by the session, I will often ask the parents to step away for a minute to give us some time to just “hang out.”  This usually includes playing with toys and getting the little one comfortable and focused again on doing what he/she does best.  If your child is truly having a hard time or succumbs to a meltdown, I am absolutely fine with stepping back and taking a little break.  My goal is to have the session be as stress-free and easy as possible for everyone, especially the children.

Any other tips for having a good session?

– Ideally your session will have been scheduled around your children’s nap times in order to (hopefully) ensure they are well-rested and happy.

– Snacks beforehand may be a good idea but be sure to not go overboard as full tummies may make little ones lethargic or uncomfortable.

– You may want to bring along something that you know will make your child happy – a favorite toy, blanket, game, etc.

– Promise of a treat afterwards often works – some parents like to make a day of it by planning a movie or something else fun after the session.  Treats during the session are also fun – especially if they are treats that the child rarely gets.  Just make sure it’s something small and not too messy.  Fruit snacks are a good option.

How long will it take for me to receive my photos?

– Ahhh… now we have reached the After the Session section of our FAQs so please join us there

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