Best Newborn Shoot Ever!!

As I packed up my car with all the lighting, backgrounds, blankets, and camera gear I quickly got nervous about how the baby was going to react to all this stuff around him! Would he cry the whole time? Wiggle out of the wraps? Here's the thing, no matter how many times I do this I always have that moment of nervousness. The questions go spinning around in my head and I wonder if I'm going to get the images that make mom and dad happy. That all goes away as soon as I get to the client's home and start setting up. I go into this work mode and end up having so much fun! This shoot in particular was extra nerve wracking because these clients are friends. There's always that added pressure when you know the people and really want to give them the best. Not that I don't give people I don't know the best, but I definitely put way more pressure on myself to perform at my highest level when it's friends or family.

Let me just tell you, this shoot was a blast!! My cousin, who is 7 months pregnant with her first child, came with me to assist with the set up and making sure the baby stayed safe. I got the best laugh and poked fun at her because she was terrified (yes terrified) to hold or even touch the baby! Every chance I got I asked her to re-position the hat on the baby or adjust him. It was hilarious... well to me anyway :-)

Mom and dad were super supportive and very patient. I love it when the parents can just go with the flow and let the baby take his time to get comfortable. The best part for me was watching how excited dad got with the whole set up. By the end of the shoot he was helping us decorate the scenes and even added a few sentimental pieces to some of the shots. All in all, I had a great time taking this little boy's first photos. I can't wait for his 6 month photo session!

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