Photo boxes are here!

I'm so excited to announce the new photo boxes added to my photo package options! They really are beautiful works of art in themselves. Each box holds 5X7 size photos, which you can get with or without a white border, and a wooden USB drive. This is a keepsake that you'll be proud to show off on your coffee table or display on a shelf. Custom designed engraving is also included on the box top and the USB drive. As we all know, beauty takes time. This box takes about two weeks to arrive to your door after your approval of the engraving design. That's not very long at all to wait for you custom piece of art!

A bit about the vendor...

The company where I get the boxes from is a family owned carpentry business that’s been operating for 10 years. They put their heart and soul into every piece of wood. Their main sales headquarter is located in Wilington, Delaware, but the boxes are hand crafted in Poland. Their products are made using only wood with an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certificate. This certification ensures that the wood used comes from forests with sustainable forest management and that the acquisition of the wood isn’t harmful to the environment. During production, they don’t use harmful chemicals that could have a negative impact on the planet, their employees, or on the end customer (YOU). They try to make their products genuinely natural by using wood in its raw form.

I'm super excited to partner with this company to bring you not only a gorgeous keepsake for your family, but also one that keeps our environment their number one priority.

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