JON & SUSANA | 01.20.2018

Danville Bed & Breakfast Wedding - Geneva, Florida

When I met Jon he was still on his journey of finding his perfect love. He had a great group of friends around him, friends that would do anything for him. However, he was still missing that one special person. Then along came Susana...

She was ultimately the Yin to his Yang, the sun to his cloudy day, the football to his field. They soon became best friends, which is perfect, but somewhere in between rival teams and fantasy football they fell in love. These two lovebirds have so much in common yet they balance each other out perfectly.

I was so honored, and to be perfectly honest a little terrified, when they chose me to take their wedding photos. It was my first very large wedding! They put their faith in me and I am truly grateful for that. Susana was the best bride anyone could ever ask for. So calm, cool, and collected.

It was a beautiful wedding out in the country. Complete with classic cars and airplanes. This venue was very eclectic and had a little bit of everything you could ever need. The most amazing part was when the guests were surprised by a wall that moved to reveal the bride and groom on the dance floor surrounded by a hidden little city street. On one corner there is an Irish pub and on the opposite corner there is a barber shop with a beautiful plantation house in between the two at the end of the "street". A few unique details within this little city include an old phone booth and a quirky little photo booth. The inside of the photo booth is displayed on a monitor outside so that the guests can enjoy watching the silly faces and hijinks happening inside!

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